2022 08 01 Charleva Rosewood Bn Pc
2022 08 01 Charleva Rosewood Bn Phone

You are invited to DEMO our most rare “RW” tonewood class woods from India, with such an overall and very tasteful response, with multi-colored and matched laminated rosewood cosmetics back and sides. With the famous rosewood sound character, rosewood boasts its own, very deep, individual array of most thick and appreciable tone structures which will allow you to discover your BEST overtones for your BEST resounding music play!  All solid tops are hand selected, hand crafted, and hand tuned to perfection as compared to all competition at such easy price points. And be sure to DEMO various other-brand guitars with various woods tops!

All solid tops are from high altitude European alpine forests for very best musical compression, attack, and LONG sustain.